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6/14/2021 1:17:04 PM

knuckle head radar + ace = nothing

i think it would be a cool idea for the radar to have higher tiers to it... 1 basic radar: this is what we already have as normal 2 enhanced radar: basic + extended range and detail 3 apex radar: enhanced + alot more detail 4 tracker radar: apex + ability to track foot steps left behind 5 perfect radar: tracker + the radar resembles that of what you would find in call of duty / halo 5 if they stand still and their in your range you can see exactly where they are ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ace grants +2 radar tiers knuckle head radar +2 radar tiers you would need a perk either from a weapon perk or subclass perk to get that +1 so you would have 5 tiers

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