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Editado por Combat Mind: 6/12/2021 1:51:02 AM

The Exotic Category is Oversaturated.

Over the course of Destiny 2, there have been a [i]lot[/i] of Exotics. Each of them has their own special trait, and they can make neat little weapons. However, the issue behind creating too many exotics is the overwhelming amount of exotics left behind to rust, compared to a few exotics that are used consistently. Take Queensbreaker for example. It was a good weapon back in Destiny 1, however has been absolutely left in the dust, due to it being a power weapon instead of a special weapon, has no champion mod, and does much less damage compared to other heavy weapons. Meanwhile many people with Anarchy haven’t switched off of it in probably months, besides for either bounties or some other meta exotic that was around at the time (Deathbringer, Lament, etc.) This is not helped by the season pass model. With the need to produce an exotic weapon every season pass to keep people incentivized, garbage like the new stasis sidearm has released, showing a clear goal of quantity over quality. Now, why hasn’t Bungie done much about this? Because there’s bigger problems to deal with, than the 4 people who still use Lumina (no disrespect). As more and more exotics are released, the more exotics are pushed onto the backburner. I have a very obvious bias against the season pass model, however this is now affecting the game, rather than just another way to earn rewards.

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