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Editado por ThunderX: 6/11/2021 4:43:32 PM

Vault Size Increase

Could the vault capacity be increased? It would he a massive QOL update for me. I feel like I'm either dismantling things I want to keep, or having to risk losing new items because my vault is too full. Having the vault size be increased to 1000 would be a huge help. - - I think a more permanent solution would be to have the collections page store all of a players rolls for randomly rolled gear, as well as the kill tracker (if applicable) for that roll. I think if this was the case, vault capacity wouldn't be a large concern anymore. - - Small side note, any chance the stack size of ascendant shards could be increased some? It currently exhausts nearly a full stack to masterwork one character worth of armor (exotic + 4 legendaries). Like many players, I rely on storing extra shards in my post master. But this doesn't go very well with my nearly full vault, because it's easy for things to go to the post master and possibly delete those items. This is 100% my fault for letting them get deleted, but a larger vault size and a slightly.lsrger stack size for materials such as shards would be amazing. - - Thank you for reading, ThunderX

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