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6/9/2021 11:51:29 PM

QoL Requests I Have For Bungie

Hi! So I've been playing Destiny 2 since release and I have kind of always had some things that I would love for Bungie to do. So I googled where to give feedback or ideas and found this place. Time to write that list! One thing I feel is that Destiny 2 is trapped in a "most things feel like a chore" kinda feeling and I've seen some improvements made over the years, such as one of the latest ones where pinnacle cap is only raised by 10, reducing the grind for the season to season players and gives you a reason to keep up. We need more of these, quality of life improvements sooner rather than later. -Dismantling blues in a faster way. This could be done through a few different ideas. Such as when they're in the postmaster, auto dismantling all blues as an input or marking items you want to dismantle to then mass dismantle in one click. This could work for the inventory too. For when clearing your vault, unnecessary drops etc. Mark the gear you don't want and dismantle it all in once. Another way for blues is to have a way you might be able to toggle them on and off. Sometimes you want blues when grinding the start of a new season if you're behind, evening your gear's power gap through infusion etc. So I don't want blues gone completely, but may we have a way to disable their drops just for the sake of ease? Those that don't want it disabled, keep the option turned off and still get blues. This would stop the postmaster from getting cluttered as well as your inventory. A subtle yet quite a nice addition. -Vendors. Now some great things were done with Shaxx and Drifter in the past few seasons. First of all. Add that rank progress to Zavala too so strike players also feel like they're valued. I don't know if this is planned or not. And then when turning in tokens i.e Banshee or Lord Saladin. Make the progress bar full in one click. Saladin is just two but I don't see why it requires multiple clicks at all. There's no reason to not turn in your tokens because they don't go to anything else. Now to vendors like Spider, Petra, Hawthorn. WE NEED BULK BUYING! It's not so much me asking for it as I'm begging for it. Buying a massive quantity of resources takes forever. If you can not give us a way to pick for ourselves how many to buy at a time, give us more options like 20 or even 50 resources at a time. You give us the freedom to buy stuff but make it such a pain in the way it's capped to 5 per purchase when we might buy thousands at a time. -Strikes and bounties. People always have their favourite things. Some people love chocolate, others don't. Some people love rock music, others prefer jazz. And it's all okay. No one forces you to eat something you don't like or to listen to music you despise. And I choose not to do the daily bounties that force me to play with a different loadout in an activity I've run a thousand times at this point. But what if we had a similar way of picking bounties as we insert mods. There're always four daily bounties. Usually, they're a combination of weapons, supers and abilities overall. What if You had two "Daily Stike Weapon Bounty" which then I could hover over and pickup Submachine Gun and maybe Shotguns. Then for "Daily Strike Ability Bounty" I pick Grenade kills or melee if I'm running a different loadout. So on so forth. This incentivises people to play your game on their terms which makes people want to do them instead of avoiding them. Would also love to see some "As a fireteam" bounties to feel like you're actually a team and not competing for kills in strikes and end up hating your fellow guardians. -Getting pulled from your character screen. So whenever you get loaded into a new zone and you're in the character screen. You get pulled from the character screen or whatever you're looking at which is extremely aggravating. Trying to fix that last mod before an activity? Pulled out. Have to open all the tabs again, find the mod, insert it. Looking at my triumphs or collection to see what it is I'm looking for? Pulled out, have to do it all again. I don't know why this is but if you could fix it so maybe we could get a text instead, or something telling us we've finished loading instead of it yanking us from the screen we're on. This would be amazing. -Character Screen Weapon. So we all have our favourite kinds of weapons, right? Mine is often in the energy slot and I want my guardian to display that weapon to show that this is me. Part of the whole RPG feeling. So could we perhaps have the option to select which gun currently equipped to display in the hand of our guardian in the character screen? I've noticed now in PVP you stand with your exotic weapon most of the time so I know this is a possibility. -Shader search tool. So with transmog being out and you now have access to all shades, I love the look of my warlock more than ever. However, it's a pain finding that specific shader in the tab when you need it. I bought a shader the other day. Had to look through the whole roster multiple times until I realised it was on the first tab. It would be a lot easier if you could add a search feature or filter so you could find what you're looking for easier. This is what I can think of right now. I think this would suffice. These are my thoughts and would love to see some more quality of life implementations. I've seen a lot of cool things recently come to this game and they've helped me like the game more! If I have made this post in the wrong place or with the wrong tabs, I apologise. I rarely post on forums so let me know if I need to change anything. Also, let me know what you guys think. Would love some feedback! Love, -Small

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