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Editado por FrosttheVII: 5/19/2021 5:06:32 AM

I'm not sure if I'm in a minority with this thinking

But Factions were my bread and butter in Destiny 1 and somewhat in D2Y1(only somewhat because I hated Rallies but loved Factions being active in D2Y1). I'm a New Monarchy Loyalist. Have been since D1Y1 and even to this day I run Sovereign Gear. Every Season you should be bringing up 1-3 of each Factions weapons from D2Y1 or even adding new Faction weapons. All through D1 up until D2Y1 I ran solely New Monarchy stuff. I don't care if perks aren't as great as other weapons, I'm all for the aesthetic. Shoot I even ran Beidenhander up until this past December, and the only reason I stopped was Sunsetting but also because I reached 7777 kills with it. Thought it was a good number to my top New Monarchy Weapon with. Nowadays I primarily use Jian 7, Interferene VI and Honor's Edge. I want new New Monarchy stuff(and for those who enjoyed other factions they'd probably like new Faction gear for FWC(which they got this Season) and Dead Orbit(which they got Hung Jury but still. I doubt that quenched the thirst for newer stuff). Please, in the upcoming Seasons, think of the people who invested heavily in this franchise that enjoy Factions and either bring back the Faction Vendors, or at least bring up all old Faction gear or make some new ones because like I said, I may be a minority in this thinking, but New Monarchy(Factions) were one of my top 3, if not top, interests in this game and I want new stuff beyond 2 NM heavies and a semi-good pulse rifle. Plus, I wanted to learn more about New Monarchy in D2 and I was just left with more questions. Where is NM headquartered? What happened to Hideo's sister? And so many more questions. Blah. I may be wasting my breathe(finger presses lol) but god, it's been ~3 years since we've gotten NEW Faction stuff(at least on the New Monarchy front. FWC got a lot of love this Season and DO got their prized D1 scout rifle). If it helps I think this is my order of top 5 things in Destiny: 1. New Monarchy 2. Crucible 3. Vanguard 4. Vex 5. The Darkness

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