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5/18/2021 11:57:29 AM

MnK/"Meta" are ruining console and PvP

Played about a dozen or so (give or take) matches of crucible and not even ashamed to say I left every single one. The state of PvP in this game has done nothing but get worse yet multiple challenges/weapons/triumphs are tied to it. What's even worse is when more than half of the playerbase are meta slaves at this point in the games life just because they lack the skill and/or comprehension to use other guns than the broken/no skill weapons (i.e. Jotunn, any ToO weapon they got carried to, EoT, Stasis Felwinter Titans, Stasis in general, among dozens of other things) Inb4 "Just use the meta" "git gud" etc. My PvP stats are fine, D2 PvP is just a terribly balanced non-competitive joke that either needs proper balancing or to be removed in general neither of which will even be an after thought to Bungie because I'm not a streamer or YT content creator. The normal playerbase is what should be important not afew dozen people who play the game as a job which are vastly outnumbered by the former.

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