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Editado por Dakotafst: 5/17/2021 5:05:14 AM


Catalysts for Non-PVP weapons locked in PVP


All catalysts earnable outside of PVP.


Forcing PVE only players to go into PVP to obtain and complete non PVP-exclusive weapon catalysts is stupid and the most frustrating thing about this game. Everything else is doable and understandable. And shut up with that "Then don't play the game" or "Get good" arguments. That's bull and you all know it. I am good at this game. But I hate PVP. And so do all of my friends. Locking the catalyst like that makes us hate the guns no matter how much we want to like them. I'm going to throw Cryosthesia 77K in my vault and not touch it for a month after this. I'm not saying remove stasis, or PVP or anything like that. But don't force players to do it. Correction for poll above. 2nd option should be: “Weapons that are not earned through PVP should not have their catalyst tied to PVP.”

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