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Editado por the single king: 5/16/2021 2:39:22 AM

The grind for transmog is way too much for things that i already have

If you didn’t already know you can only get 1 synth-weave per 2 minute You need 150 synth-weave to purchase a bounty from ada-1 So per hour ( assuming that the only thing you do in that hour is killing ) you get 30 synth-weave and since you need 150 synth-weaves you will spend around 5 hours of killing just to buy one bounty which equals one piece of armor Now these bounties are unbearable and extremely hard for a piece of armor One of the bounties you need to get 200k score in a nightfall and as far as i know you the only way for you to get a 200k score is by playing a master nightfall with a ton of enemies or a gm and that’s not even the hardest bounty Not to mention that the easiest bounty is to kill 40 champions :/ And all of that is just for 1 piece of armor Now I’m actually confused why are we doing hard stuff to get stuff that we already own Hell this whole process takes more than doing some of the day one races ( sotp, wotm and eow ) Now correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that the majority of destiny players are casuals who play the game and come back each season surely they will buy the bundles at NoOneWantsYouAtThiUniverse because they don’t want to spend most of their time trying to get AN REPLICA OF A PIECE OF ARMOR THEY ALREADY OWN At least remove the time gating and lower the grind a bit i know that your Grandaddy is EA and your dad is activision but the chains of legacy must be broken edit: apparently some people say that the nightfall bounty counts if you do 4 or 5 runs. Me and my friend did 2 runs and it didn’t count for us maybe we have a bug or these people are lying Also keep in my that the topic isn’t about that specific bounty it’s about the time the time that it takes to get a single piece of armor

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