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5/7/2021 9:19:56 PM

Recruiting Raiders For Day 1 VoG

OLDWOLVES!! is a clan for sophisticated adults with a robust inner child, hence the name. You'll need thick skin and a good sense of humor to make it here. We've been going since Day 1 and are strong because we are close. Do you endgame? Over 21? PSN? Do you have a grip of raid clears? Sherpas? Low-man clears? Flawless raids? Flawless Trials cards? Grandmasters? Some cool titles? The most important part of being in this clan is to use the mic and be a part of the group. We do everything together, just ask us. Quality > Quantity Comment on this thread to get an invite. Discord sucks, that's why you're looking for a clan here and not there. Duh? So don't ask. Again, discord sucks. I love getting hatemail from salty ex-clanmates! Please keep it coming. Love it!

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