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Blacklist is Recruiting Active Players! (PC/PSN)

Looking for a PVP/PVE endgame clan? (PC/PSN) Blacklist is recruiting dedicated and active players looking to conquer in Destiny’s hardest challenges while having strong connections with fellow players! ⚫️ Weekly Skrims! ⚫️Monthly Tourneys! ⚫️Very Active 18+ ⚫️Giveaways! ⚫️Strong PVE side for raids and GMs! ⚫️Amazing Friendships across multiple games! We are big enough to fill any empty spots in your fire team and conquer any challenge, and being small enough to become a family within. For questions and comments don’t hesitate to contact us! ⚫️[PC) ⚫️PSN: (Once requested you will be contacted by an admin for further information!)

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