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4/29/2021 6:13:13 PM

Error Code Bird near start of Last Wish

It's almost a guarantee that at least one person gets booted to Orbit by error code bird when hitting the "Tower Of Opened Eyes" load zone near the beginning of the raid (right before Kalli and the Wish Wall). It is almost a 100% guarantee that at least one person in a 6 man team will get booted by it, if not a second or third. Myself and dozens of other players have experienced this (at least on Xbox) and it seems very random as to who it will target (everyone seems to think it gets them more than anyone else, which says a lot about how frequently it happens) This has been happening in almost 100% of runs since the day Season of the Chosen launched. Prior to that it was very rare that someone would be kicked by the load zone in Season of the Hunt, and prior to Beyond Light I'm unsure if it even happened at all.

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