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4/14/2021 3:08:01 AM

[VEX] Veteris Exodus is recruiting!!! [XBOX] Join the fight against the darkness!

Veteris Exodus is recruiting! Hello all I am a ((Discord Assistant)) for Veteris Exodus, we are an Xbox/PC gaming community and our Xbox Destiny 2 clan is in need of more active guardians! What you can expect from our community: -Friendly, mature, non-toxic, and organized community -Community that is willing to assist you in all activities -Dedicated Discord Server What we expect from you: -Active members who interact with the community through discord/xbox -to show you read this post, message me with ((wassup mafia)) -Members who put forward the effort to ask for any help if it is needed -Joining both the Clan and Discord -Members who actively group with other members Some things to know before you join: -We have a culling process which means that we will remove members who are inactive in the community (this does not mean active in Destiny) -We will moderate your activity to see if your relative ratio of destiny activity/community activity is roughly the same. If we feel your community activity is too much lower than that of your discord activity, you will be reprimanded and warned by the staff Our Requirements: -Must be willing to follow Destiny & Community guidelines/rules -Must be 16+ or have similar maturity level -Must join community Discord and Destiny Clan -Must be active in our community, this is not a clan for rewards & AFK/ reward farming players are culled If you are new to discord and need help with learning about it, let me know and either myself or another staff member can help you. My, Xbox, and discord: ((ViolentMafia0)) We appreciate your consideration! We are an invite only community so if you’re interested please message me or comment on this post. If you are new to discord, please let me know so I can help you get set up therein Clan link: Discord: You will be given an invite during our recruitment process.

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