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Editado por Mieow78: 4/14/2021 6:36:40 PM

Encouraging stasis in banana? Please god, no!

So after getting so much feedback about how universally hated stasis is in the crucible you decide to make it a weekly challenge.. on banana week? Screw you Bungie, screw you.. Edit: For those saying I'm whinging because it kills me a lot, you're wrong.. I mean, it does, but my whinge is because it's now boring spending half a game frozen.. you know, the original issue with stasis in the crucible Edit: Edit: Oh my jebus.. where does it say in my post that I'm talking about it being an absolute requirement or that I'm having trouble doing it? There are some people here reading stuff that I haven't written. The only thing I said is bungie is encouraging it's use when so many of you moaned about it. I thought it was ironic, not the end of the world. It seems there are an awful lot of people that were looking to moan about something I never mentioned.. seems pretty obvious to me I'm taking the piss, I just forgot I needed to spell it to the slower members of the forum.

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