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4/13/2021 7:34:14 AM

Bring back Trial of the Nine weapons !

Just a quick thought from an active D2 player: Well, the title itself tells everything. Trial of the Nine weapons are practically the only Year 1 weapons that's didn't get a comeback. Why? >These weapons are esthetically amazing (they can even be raid weapons, it wouln't shock) >The theme and strory of the Nine is awesome, we need more about it >The weapons are already done, you just have to update them (and there are numerous of them!) At the time they were dropping, I wasn't playing trials, and know I'm sad to see these amazing weapons loocked in the vault. I don't understand why these weapons aren't dropping in the Prophecy dungeon (what's more the armor is dropping!). The only reason I can imagine why these weapons aren't updated yet is because it is planned for a future season (season about the Nine). I know that you don't have unlimited ressources and time Bungie, and that you already have many ideas you are working on: I totally understand that. But we can all say that it is a 100% win for both Bungie and the comunity to have Trials of the Nine weapons reintroduced in the game! Players need more weapons right now due to previous weapons sunsets. (Sorry if they are mistakes in the text, I'm not from an english-speaking country, but I do my best ;) )

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