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4/13/2021 3:19:35 AM

Buff Tarrabah please

Seriously, Tarrabah has the potential to be an amazing to use and worthwhile Exotic, but the fact that it doesn't hold charge towards the perk when you swap weapons makes it borderline worthless when the content in the game is requiring us to swap weapons nonstop to deal with Champions or other situations that arise. Current example, I was doing Master Empire Hunts for the pinnacle drop. Champions present; Overload and Barrier. I have Anti Barrier Sniper and Overload SMG. Modifiers Active; Hot Knife (Shanks have solar shields), and Match Game (Need to match shield element to effectively break them). Tarrabah is one of the only Solar SMG's that I have, and with the sheer number of shanks present in the mission, it would be inefficient to use a Solar Sniper with a Kinetic SMG to deal with them. The number of Barrier champions present in the mission meant that I hardly ever got to use the Ravenous Beast perk because I had to keep swapping to my sniper to down the Barrier Champions effectively.

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