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4/8/2021 2:59:00 AM

Sound doesn't work, help

Game sound doesn't work on steam for me at all, i have checked all of my setting and my sound works for literally everything else, any other game, chat, or online service works just fine. Its just Destiny 2 that doesn't work. There are no options to select what audio source or output device I want to use in game and there is nothing that I have changed to make it not work. just kind of playing one day and it just cut, never to return. this was about 2 weeks ago, at first I thought it was something on my end, like a driver mismatch or an update that needed updating, but no. After extensive work form me trying literally everything I could think of (System setting, steam settings, razer settings, and audio preferences in everything) and checking EVERY game and app that makes sounds, I have come to the conclusion that it is not on my end. I don't think anyone has this problem and I am unsure on how to fix this. Also, tags need an autofill option when making these posts, because every time i try to make one of these any tags I put just get deleted and don't get used. The only one that works is "bug report".

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