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4/5/2021 12:56:30 PM

Seeking Adult Endgame Players PSN

OLDWOLVES!! is a clan for adults, hence the name. You'll need thick skin and a good sense of humor to make it here. We've been going since Day 1 and are strong because we are close. Do you endgame? Over 21? PSN? Do you have a grip of raid clears? Sherpas? Low-man clears? Flawless raids? Flawless Trials cards? Grandmasters? Some cool titles? We do everything together! If those activities sound like too much for you, so are we. If you are willing to do a bit of research and get some reps in you'll be right at home. Quality > Quantity Comment on this thread to get an invite. Discord sucks, that's why you're looking for a clan here and not there. Duh? So don't ask. Again, discord sucks. Please, no time wasters, clan hoppers, private profiles, needy turds, anti-social weirdos, solo scrubs, non-mic using plebes or hard carries.
#psn #Clans #Endgame

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