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Busca un clan o recluta nuevos miembros.
3/22/2021 4:42:09 PM


Whatever your style of play is, whatever makes you have the FUN in your destiny gaming? I welcome you. But be a clan member. There is no one side to Destiny. As a clan member you have to be willing to compromise sometimes. Sometimes it’s for raids. Sometimes it’s for strikes. Sometimes it’s for gambit. Sometimes it’s for crucible. That’s what being a clan member is. I have a strong no toxicity policy so it is required that you have a healthy sportsmanship and a desire to play with your clan mates. Be a clan member :) This community can be aggressively toxic. I’d enjoy company that showed otherwise and ruled by it. Even as founder, I too, am a clan member. 18+ (players under 18 falls under 2 week probation) Discord required.

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