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3/8/2021 10:02:26 PM

Slow turn right on controller

Hi. Please read this! My friend is experiencing something weird with his xbox controller. His turn speed to the right is like 50% compared to if he turns left. It looks really weird, and is a bit hard to explain. We Googled and it seems like this have been a problem in both destiny 1 and 2 since at least 2014. - Its only a problem in Destiny 2 (Gta 5 and COD for example works fine) - it started out of nowhere, he have played destiny since it came out and have never had this problem before - It doesn’t matter if he’s sprinting or standing still just looking around - It doesnt appear to happen when he press the joystick down constantly - It doesn’t happen to the left stick if he switches to southpaw, for example - he have tried different sensitivities, nothing changes - the controller is a brand new Razer Wolverine TE, he will try other controllers as well. But it seems like that doesnt matter. (Read about someone who tried 14 and only one of them worked properly.) - he is playing on a Xbox one series x Does anyone else have this problem? Any solution? And how come this is still a problem for random people after seven years? I guess it could be fixed if we were able to change deadzone settings, but as we can’t. What to do? He can’t play destiny because of this and it doesn’t seem to be a fix for it. If I look at him while trying it’s like he have a 10 meter radius while going right, but when he goes left he turns around just fine, looks so weird and wrong.

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