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Editado por TheHaraamPolice: 3/9/2021 2:01:45 AM

Whispering In Lost Sectors

I wanted to post this because I'm surprised I haven't seen it mentioned recently. Back around when Shadowkeep came out a player found there was whispering in Skydock lV if you sat around in the sector. (I've included the article that mentions it below. After I found this out I went around and discovered that there were also whispers in The Pit (though the dialogue is the same). Both of these sectors are part of this weeks Proving Quest. It can't be coincidence, especially since one of the whispers clearly says, "I saw it happen". I'm curious if this is foreshadowing events to come? Either way. I wanted to point it out so you all can get creeped out yourselves! Clear the sector out, turn your music down and wait a minute, you'll hear the whispers. Link to original article: [url][/url]

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