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3/6/2021 10:41:49 PM


[u] [b]WELCOME TO LEISURE FORCE[/b][/u] [b]Leisure Force[/b] is an XBOX Clan run by husband-and-wife duo FLIGHTx12 (EXO Titan) and Jaybers8 (Human Warlock). This Clan has been around since Destiny 1 and usually has between 50-75 members. We have a good core of active players and are very consistent achieving Clan perks and levels. We are looking to trim some fat off and add a few more active players to our ranks. [u][b]Clan perks and guidelines:[/b][/u] • [b]Mic or no mic[/b] you can still join (Participating in crew raids will require mic in most cases) • We are all about fun and being comfortable. [b]You will not be asked or made to do anything that you do not want.[/b] • [b]Burn out is important to us[/b] and is always taken into consideration. You will not get kicked for “inactivity” if you are playing at least twice a month. • We want to keep the crew small enough that you do not get lost in a sea of players but still have enough to play with. [b]We want to stay between 40-80 members[/b]. • We want to be a group that supports creativity and fun. If you are a streamer or an artist, we want to support and grow with you. If you have a [b]Twitter, Twitch, Tumbler, Instagram, YouTube channel[/b], etc. let us know in the Discord channel for follows. • [b]We are looking to add a few new admins[/b]. If you are good at recruiting or have some creative and fun Ideas for the clan then let us know you are interested. • [b]We play because we find Destiny to be a fun and interesting hobby[/b]. Criticism is cool but if you really hate Bungie or playing Destiny you need not apply. • [b]We are 18+. No creepers or harassers,[/b] you will get kicked. • [b]New Discord Server![/b] Join in ( [url][/url] ) We post stat leaderboards, Highlights and Destiny news. We also have an in Clan rank system that tracks your gameplay and Clan activity to level you up. [u][b]How to join[/b][/u] • You can request to join on our clan profile: [url][/url] • You can also message FLIGHTx12 or Jaybers8 on Xbox. [b] Hope to hear from you soon![/b]

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