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3/1/2021 8:55:34 PM

Will Cayde be remembered?

After beyond light drop, Cayde just kinda disappeared in the story. We still don't have a hunter vanguard and I think Crow will be the new Speaker. Cayde was my favorite character in d1 and d2 cause of how funny,cocky, and how he brought light to a serious story. But I feel like he is slowly fading from the game. Everytime I look at the vanguard playlist and I see ikora and zavala with a missin spot in the middle, I remember him. Most players wont get that feeling after beyond light cause they probably dont know who he is. Even if you play forsaken you wouldnt care about him dieing cause you wouldnt feel the way players did in the past. Even when getting cayde's gun, ace. The players had to do Ace in The Hole which hurt me right in the feels, but now all you have to do is go into that new exotic try thing and just but it without having to feel what that gun really means some of us players. It will just be another headcanon. And if they get rid of another dlc, forsaken will probably be next so I ask will our buddy Cayde-6 be remembered?

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