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3/1/2021 7:02:09 AM

When did hunters become the slow Charactersince the very begininng

Since the very beginning of D1 Hunters were built on Mobility being quick and agile, Titan's were built on resilience being big and tanky, Warlocks were built on Recovery being mystical and healing. How did the Hunter become the slowest character with no ability to give them an edge against the Double Icarus dashing Lock or Double Stasis sliding titan? It's amazing how a hunter can easily be outplayed by titans and warlocks. Could you imagine if all games started making their tanky characters FAST. Imagine the biggest slowest tank in world of tanks getting a speed buff? Or the Tanky characters in anthem and overwatch being able to move faster than the smaller more AGILE characters? GIVE HUNTERS A NEW ABILITY TO BALANCE THE GAME! (And that excludes bakris shift, this requires an exotic amour piece) Which reminds me.. why dont double icarus or slide require an exotic amour piece to gain the second charge?

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