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2/28/2021 7:49:55 PM

I report with evidence and 3 months have passed

Report a player with each and every one of the proofs that he was cheating, the data is in his database, a player with a score of 0 who wins 7 Osiris games in less than 1 minute. Bungie doesn't ban even giving evidence of cheating There are no filters for this type of player, 0 for scoring, 7 games in less than 1 minute. Is something else necessary? Then they say that the community only creates hate and complains pointlessly ... If you do not do your job, you are lazy, you just have to put a filter, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to win 7 games in less than 1 minute. While this cheating player continues to play every day without any problem since he knows that bungie is not going to ban him. The amazing thing is that bungie won an award for community support. The least deserved award in history

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