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Editado por Vermithrax: 2/19/2021 6:58:25 PM

Dead Mans Tale felt like Marathon to me...

Maybe I'm showing my age but personally Dead Man's Tale gives me [b]significant[/b] Marathon vibe. And Marathon started it all for me, way back in the day. If you're old enough to remember Marathon, you know what I'm talking about - the corridors, the switches and door puzzles, the platforming, the environments, the weird alien stuff that's kinda... growthy and sporey, floating around and seeping out of the walls... and the deep lore you discover along the way. It literally feels like it to me. I loved Dead Space, but that to me was more like body horror and zombified humans and the occult in space. In Marathon, everyone is just GONE... until you find them way later in the game. For most of the game it's this weird, tense mystery that you're slowly unraveling (thanks to the help of a friendly AI, and then a not-so-friendly AI), full of strange aliens in a massive derelict ship. It was also full of color unlike its PC contemporary at the time, Doom, with brilliant sound and lighting. This mission feels like what a current day remake of Marathon might be... just a taste, and for my part I am all in.

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