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2/16/2021 2:17:51 AM

Abusive players can do whatever they want and Bungie doesn't care

After a match, certain players (ALWAYS the ones who need to be reported) appear as "online" when hovering over their names in the previous match stats screen, but their emblem is missing and right-clicking on them turns up only "send friend request" and "view profile" options. For no apparent reason at all, the usual "inspect clan" and "report player" (the ONLY one that ALWAYS needs to be present) options are gone. So when 2 people literally sent me death wishes in-game it is IMPOSSIBLE to report them for no reason other than your game is easily abused. All they had to do was wait until the last few seconds of the post-game score screen to send the messages so that I didn't have time to report them before it became impossible. What makes this SO MUCH WORSE is that you have no avenue of making an out-of-game report. No support e-mail, no support page with a simple form, nothing. It genuinely appears that you don't give a damn about what happens in your community. It's YEARS past due that you fixed that. Get your shit together, Bungie.

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