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2/15/2021 11:51:41 PM

Would you like for the Pikes/ Heavy Pikes to eventually become earnable 'sparrow' Alternatives?





Neither here nor there on them


I'm sure I'm not the only one with this thought before, heck even before D1 was out I dreamt of stealing a pike and adding it to my arsenal of vehicles to ride. The rarity could be probably be either Legendary or Exotic. Maybe an example scenario would be that a normal pike could be legendary but a Heavy Pike might be Exotic. Just imagine going into your character screen and seeing a big pike behind your character, It'd be amazing! Now, of course there are a few ways Devs could implement them for us: Normal pikes without any tuning; pikes with tuning to the weapon damage/ speed; or pikes without weapons and only as transport. Maybe they could be earned through some story missions of some sort! Variks or the Spider could give it to you as a reward/ gift! Having it as a raid reward could definitely be cool--however I feel as though it being a story reward would add more impact to it. What are your thoughts on alternative vehicles in Destiny 2? Leave me some of your ideas!

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