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1/26/2021 6:05:59 PM

Corrupted Egg at Kali encounter in Last Wish raid counts as 2 eggs

Recently I was finishing my corrupted egg hunt and one of the eggs, the one located in Kali's area in Last Wish raid counted as 2 for some reason, as in: I had to shoot it twice I got 2 drops it got registered as 2 eggs in my Corrupted Omelette triumph I had 40/40 finished triumph for getting all eggs week before I got them legitimately (I've got the final egg today in ascendant challenge and mount dropped on me so at least that's not broken). Triumph is still 40/40 and the duplicate egg didn't actually helped me to get the mount sooner which is kind of funny considering the game registered it as 2 in everything else, but oh well. My friend is behind the egg hunt too and same thing happened to him, shot egg at Kali twice, 2 rewards etc. So I guess it's something that is broken for others too.

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