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Angles: Acute PvP clan recruiting (PS4, PS5, XBOX and Series X)

[b]Clan: [i]Angles[/i] [/b] System: PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Series X Location: UK, Europe & US Play Time: Time zones vary, our UK players are online from 11am GMT to 11pm GMT. Players in the US are on from 11am ET to 10pm ET. About us: Our clan is formed by and filled with PVP enthusiasts, with a focus on Trials over the weekend and scrims during the week. Our clan reaches the lighthouse by the dozens every week, consistently playing Top 500 players along the way. Our clan communications are through Discord where we strive to keep a chilled environment. What we are looking for: Highly skilled players that love the crucible and reach the lighthouse multiple times per weekend. We have a skill floor and upon request to join the clan, you will play against current members to see if you are a good fit. We are looking for our fellow 1% of players. What we have to offer: We are a chill, active clan that offers an environment to hone your skills in the crucible. If you are interested in a tryout comment below or send a DM to any of the admins.

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