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Missing Ahamkara Bones (Known and Hypothesis)

Personal unobtained Ahamkara Bones were checked at prior to going to these Ahamkara Bones' exact locations using video guides. The Shattered Throne [u]Ahamkara Bones giving Marasenna Lore Brephos I[/u] have disappeared. The Ascendant Challenge Cimmerian Garrison [u]Ahamkara Bones giving Marasenna Lore Brephos III[/u] have disappeared. Knowing the previous information and The Ascendant Challenge Agonarch Abyss [u]Ahamkara Bones giving Marasenna Lore Cosmogyre IV[/u] have disappeared, I hypothesize that all Ahamkara Bones connected to Marasenna Lore have disappeared. Maybe this is due to Marasenna Lore being simultaneously connected to unobtainable [i]Legacy Triumphs[/i] and obtainable [i]Lore[/i] tab entries? Thank you for reading and I would be extremely grateful for confirmation/if I've helped in any way! Update: The Ascendant Challenge Ouroborea [u]Ahamkara Bones giving Marasenna Lore Imponent I[/u] have disappeared. Update 2: I’ve since stopped adding on because we all know the answer now. This was just at the beginning of Beyond Light and I really appreciate the peace of mind/thoughts going on here. Thank you guys!

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