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Controller Issues - Steam - Xbox Controller - Triggers

I'm having issues with my PDP (Xbox) controller and playing Destiny 2 on Steam. Every button on the controller works fine when testing separately. When I'm in Destiny 2, in the planet menu, I can hit the left trigger and it responds by opening the tab on the left (so I know it's working and recognizing the input correctly); however, when I actually go to a planet, the left and right triggers do not work at all with weapons so I can't aim down the sights or actually fire (but strangely enough they work when using the speeder to boost, etc, they just don't work with weapons). I looked into this when I first got the game for PC (when Beyond Light came out) and I seemed to have fixed it by using the "Gamepad" mode for the controller config in Steam and using "Big Picture Mode". After playing for a couple of weeks, it stopped working. I again scoured forums and this time got it to work by unchecking all boxes in the Steam controller configuration (though I also tried enabling the Xbox Configuration Support and Generic Gamepad configuration support). Since then, this seems to happen randomly and sometimes I seem to be able to get it to work after several attempts and tweaks to controller configs, but every time I write down what I did / changed, it doesn't fix it the next time. I spent over an hour the other night searching forums and trying different config changes to the controller but I couldn't get it to work at all (the triggers operating the weapons). I've even deleted the XML file referenced in some forums, tried the "Genjuro" Gamepad, config, and even uninstalled Destiny 2 and Steam and deleted all remaining files in Program Files and AppData and then re-installed. I also tried several combinations of plugging in the controller and THEN starting the laptop/steam, as well as leaving them disconnected and starting both, etc. It's still not working correctly and it's extremely frustrating (I bought this new laptop to specifically play Destiny 2 via Steam). One night I spent over an hour trying to get it to work and then never did and never got to play (and that has happened multiple nights unfortunately). Anyone else run into this and have any other fixes or suggestions?

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