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12/13/2020 7:09:51 AM

No Proper PlayStation DualSense Controller Support on PC

I'm going to post this every day until I see that Bungie has acknowledged that people want proper DualSense controller support in D2 on PC. [u]The current state of DualSense support on PC:[/u] There is only one way to currently use a DualSense controller in D2, but it does not provide proper support for the DualSense controller and its features. In Steam, you can check the box to enable PlayStation controller support. However, the following things happen when you do: * Destiny 2 will recognize the controller/input device as an XBox controller and show XBox in-game button icons in the UI. * Only basic gamepad input/output functionality is supported (d-pad, buttons, analog sticks). * Rumble does not work. * Adaptive triggers do not work. * Lightbar is static (doesn't turn yellow when super charged, red when dead, white when ghost illuminates an area, etc.). * Touchpad does not work. [u]Notes:[/u] DualShock 4 works differently than most people think. It does not rely on Steam support at all because Destiny 2 will actually take total control of the DualShock 4 device as it handles all the input/output itself. DualSense should work the same way. Bungie added full DualSense support to the game to support PS5 in their recent next-gen patch, however, they didn't port the DualSense support over to PC; this request is to do just that. [u]Conclusion:[/u] Destiny 2 on PC should have proper DualSense controller support; currently it does not.

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