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Editado por kurmudgeon: 12/8/2020 6:18:16 PM

DualSense Controller does not work on PC

My Sony DualSense controller does not work on PC. I was really hoping that with the 3.0.1 patch put out today that added Next Gen support to consoles would also add DualSense support to PC, but it does not look like that was the case. For reference, this is a Destiny 2 issue on PC. Other games through Steam work just fine with the DualSense, but Destiny 2 doesn't even recognize any of the inputs for the controller. I know that the servers haven't been brought online yet, but I tested on the login screen where you press a button to log in and D2 didn't recognize input from the DualSense controller on that screen. Please add official DualSense controller support to Destiny 2 on PC. The controller should support the same features in the game on PC that it does on the PS5. Edit: Just tested once I could log all the way in. The game doesn't recognize the inputs. If I enable the PlayStation Controller support in Steam, some inputs work, no rumble, none of the DualSense features work and D2 recognizes the controller as an XBox controller, not a PS controller, no touchpad, etc. Enabling PlayStation Controller support in Steam just converts the controller to a generic gamepad and doesn't fully support the controller and it's features in-game like the game does now for the DualShock 4. Please add DualSense controller support to D2 on PC.

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