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12/5/2020 7:51:57 AM

Bungie is missing an opportunity with Kabr and his Fireteam.







We all know Bungie creates really cool things in Destiny and one of the coolest in my opinion is the creation of Kabr. For those who forgot, Kabr was one of the members to raid the Vault of Glass along with the other two legendary Guardians Praedyth and Pahanin. (Titan, Warlock, Hunter respectively) This was one of the coolest stories from D1 and I feel like they are missing an amazing opportunity here. Just like with Saint-14, since time travel seems to be very prevalent in many of the D2 stories now, I think an entire season could be dedicated to saving them to help fight the darkness now that it’s growing even stronger. I wish Bungie would listen more to their fans because some fans have some really cool ideas that would be amazing and fit into the game easily. How many of you think this would be a really cool idea for Bungie to do to expand the series even more especially since so much content was already taken out?

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