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12/4/2020 9:20:25 AM

Bright Dust nerf backfired

This is what we know about bright dust gains post nerf: * 6 weeklies per character (100bd/B)(600bd/c)(1800bd/w) * 5 repeatables per vendor (25bd/B)(125bd/v)(375bd/c)(1125bd/d)(7875bd/w) How much bright dust can we accumulate before Dawn. and how many bounties is that? * total weekly bd collection (9675bd/w) brightdust(bd) Bounty(B) * 2 weeks until dawn dec. 15 (19350bd) * amount of weekly bounties done (333B/w) * amount of bounties done by dawn (666B) 666 bounties per week if you want the max amount of bright dust How many ornaments can you buy if you started now? * (19350bd) = (3.225o) Ornament(o) 3 sets. that's all you can get after putting an immense amount of work into grinding out 333 bounties a week until dawn. Now, they nerfed the amount of bright dust to get us to stop farming bounties so much. They instead put more bright dust in the season pass. The problem is that you have to grind MORE bounties to get that dust. and if you spent all of that dust you have to go and grind 2x as many bounties as you did before. Bungie says that they didn't want us to farm as many bounties, but what they really did was the opposite. Intentional or not the Eververse needs a change so that F2P players are able to buy these ornaments/anything being sold for bright dust in the store. I get that they still need to make money but it should still, at the very least, be attainable through a decent amount of effort. Come dawning we need a way to grind bright dust that gives F2P players a good chance of getting it but still leaving enough grind so that casual players with little time are still going to choose the micro transactions.

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