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11/27/2020 9:27:31 AM

Please don’t take away the ability to use PS4 controllers on the next gen update.

Title. I have weird hands, and I need to have back paddles on my controller in order to play a three dimensional game such as Destiny, without experiencing pain. I was one of the few lucky ones to receive a PS5 on the day or release here in Europe, and it’s been a blast with the loading times and lag completely gone. However, Sony has disabled the ability to use PS4 controllers on NEW PS5 games. This severely hiders the ability to play the game to its full potential, since so much in this game relies on jumping and having a good three dimensional movement. And on top of that, my hands start to seriously hurt after a while of playing without paddles, because of the constant switching from the stick to the buttons. Paddles help with that. Destiny is not a new game per say, but games like CoD: Cold War have taken away the ability to use the old controller with the next-gen update. I wish that this wouldn’t be the case for Destiny, as it would hinder the whole game. So please Bungie, don’t disable old controllers in the new version coming out in December. Thank you.

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