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11/29/2020 7:32:00 AM

Has anyone asked why bungie refuses to restore lost characters and items?

I recently messed up trying to use the light power up on my titan. I accidentally had the square button held down and despite the fact that my cursor was on the power up icon NOT the characters emblem it still interpreted that to be me trying to delete. Im not freaking out or mad or even sad as I mostly stoped using my titan over a year ago and have been exclusively using my hunter. What led me to question the policy was that when I looked into it bungie seems to have not given a proper explanation why they wont restore characters. One article on the topic even said that they were trying to make it possible back in 2015 during D1. Considering how much money we as customers have spent over the years on this series and the eververse store it seems like having a restore function available would be absolute necessity for any kind of customer service especially for people who's accounts get hacked(not my situation obviously). Bungie should consider changing this or provide an explanation why its not possible and I really hope its not to save money.

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