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11/23/2020 5:20:39 PM

Chicken Error and Slow PC Loading Zones

Ever Since 10/18/20 I have gotten chicken errors when almost every time I try to login, and when I hit a loading zone in-game like at the beginning of an area or upon initial travel/loading it takes a while to get pass that loading wall like greater than 1 min. This game is installed on an ssd, before 10/18/20 I loaded everything very quick and had no connection errors, now I have these D2 Errors. My internet connection is very solid and has no issues anywhere else. I have followed the entire Chicken article page and it hasn't helped. Briefly after the Beyond Light releases I had stutters on loading zones and no chicken errors, but as of yesterday it has gone back to giving me the chicken error, and incredibly slow loading zones. So it does not seem to be on my end. Any help?

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