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11/22/2020 6:43:48 AM

EXTREMELY big spoiler issue

SPOILER ALERT Here's how it went down: I have complete the quest line to completely unlock the "The Lament" exotic power weapon. After completing the last quest, I never went back to talk to Clovis Brai AI. My buddy, whom worked late tonight got on, and I was running through the missions with him. He got to the mission where it takes you through "The Creation" on Europa, to meet him for the first time. Typically, Clovis Brai AI has two quest markers to talk to him. My buddy has a third. He walks up to talk to Clovis the third time and he hits my buddy with a HUGE spoiler, telling him about how Banshee-44 is Clovis Brai. Now, obviously I already knew this because I completed it, but he was only on 2/11 in the quest line and now he has little to look forward to for the entire story. This ABSOLUTELY needs to be patched!! [spoiler][/spoiler]

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