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11/21/2020 4:52:52 AM


We all know faction rallies aren't coming back and the D1 faction system isn't probably coming back either but that being said it would be cool to have a system of engaging with factions in a relatively simple way. I propose faction bounties; each of the factions offer 3 bounties a week but you can only take one bounty from one faction each week. These bounties would have high completion requirements but would allow you to earn desirable rewards such as upgrade materials, high stat rolled armor, exotics, faction gear to show your allegiance, or curated weapons from the existing loot pool! I think this would be a great option for world/lore expansion as well as more reason for core playlist engagements and to better capture the odd intersection that is the Destiny MMO looter shooter. It doesn't feel like bounties will ever go away and if they are here to stay for the foreseeable future I would love to pledge my allegiance to dead orbit and participate in a bounty that feels meaningful and rewarding. I want a reason to engage with vendors outside of dropping tokens for items I will probably dismantle. Destiny has been growing in giving player agency over the last couple years and i think this would also add to that sense of player agency and valuing players time through valuable rewards!

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