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11/13/2020 3:48:34 PM

Can't use Stasis across cross-save

So I primarily play on Xbox, so bought Beyond Light there. I also occasionally play on PC, where i only own Shadowkeep, not forsaken, not BL. When playing on PC I am unable to equip the stasis subclass to use. This did not seem to be the case for the Forsaken subclasses when Cross Save was enabled, where I have no issue using middle tree sub classes. I haven't tried yet but I wonder why happens if i equip Stasis on Xbox, then switch to PC? If I can't equip it but I can use it, that makes things difficult, it also limits the play ability in Crucible and Gambit and on general patrol or strikes. While i get that activities are platform locked, I don't agree that the subclass unlock should be, as guns acquired from the DLC aren't locked out of using in cross save. I can use No Time to Explain, which requires the DLC to obtain,

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