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11/12/2020 5:54:44 AM

Bring 2018 solstice armor up to 2.0 and make all solstice armor immune to sunsetting.

The people who did the 2018 armor got screwed out of it pretty quick, with forsaken getting a new armor system. And with that you teased (at the very least me) with the 2019 solstice armor because now it doesn't have a seasonal icon. I assumed it didn't get sunset but low and behold, 1060 power cap. EVEN THE 2020 ARMOR ISN'T SAFE. It stops at 1360. Meaning in 9 months, the armor that we worked so hard for is just gonna be unusable. I LOVE the uniqueness of these armors and the glows, but sunsetting ruins these sets. I personally have 2019 and 2020 sets for all three characters, and i grinded days and weeks for these sets. I can understand if you wanna use the argument of "armor transmog" and if glows work for the 2019 solstice armor set from transmog, then im fine. But the point i'm making is that we put more time into these sets than any other sets of armor (maybe raid armor if you have bad luck) So if we invest so much into these, why do they just get capped out once 3 seasons pass?

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