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11/12/2020 4:40:19 AM

Well..I like it :) Mini Thought Breakdown

I see that there's quite a lot of negativity regarding sunsetting. It doesnt bother me. With that out of the way... I am really enjoying this expansion. Both Veriks and Stranger's story lines are interesting. I think I know who Rasputin is now. Europa is great! Huge.. Looks awesome. Reminiscent of Mars in D1, but better IMO. I like the cadence of accessing new areas through the quests. One of the areas after the first Verkis quest is freakin amazing. Hoping to return there at some point. [b]THE LOAD TIMES[/b] make me want to run through the streets of my IRL city proclaiming my intrinsic joy. Dear lord we have all been waiting for this for so long. Years. Brings tears to my eyes. At first, the new super seemed weird. It is still kinda clunky. Needs a tuning pass. That said, Im getting better with it in pve. Lol..pvp is another story...but I dont care about crucible so.. I think the ice entrapment AOE could be a bit larger. Being trapped by enemy stasis needs to be adjusted. The duration is too long. I realize this is probably a raid mechanic, or something. But seriously. [i]Hold R3 to[/i].....dead..... Not great. Questing is [b]ACTUALLY INTERESTING[/b]! It's been a long while since I actually gave a crap about what I was supposed to read and do. But everyone loves Veriks, and the Stranger's questing is really cool. Moreover, the progression feels fluid. Makes sense. Go here to do that. Go there to get this. For me, it has come together and fits well. Subjective, and Im biased because Im an outdoors fanatic, but I love the cold weather themed armor. With the integrated heating system. Where can I get that IRL! Looks cool. Overall, so far, I. Really enjoying this. Great job! Looking forward to seeing where it all goes.

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