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11/10/2020 10:15:25 PM

PlayStation account hacked, any way to transfer main Destiny account to Stadia?

Title, 7 days ago my PS account was thoroughly hijacked- email, password and security questions were changed in the middle of the night, my Gmail was also compromised, but that's all locked up now. The issue is, I haven't played on PSN since I sold the console a couple years ago, and PS won't transfer my account back to me if I don't have the serial number of that console. I tried to contact the buyer but his marketplace account is just gone. I have over $3000 worth it digital content on my PSN account, but you can no longer contact SONY by phone (COVID), and chat support is completely unhelpful. All that being said, all I care about is my Destiny profile. I've been playing for a very long time and finally picked it up on Stadia a bit ago- but my Beyond Light pre-order is in jeopardy because I can no longer verify my main cross-save account. I've searched the forum and it seems like Bungie I'd unable to do this kind of thing manually... But I'm on day 7 of chatting with PlayStation support, and now I'm just worried sick that all my items will be wiped by the hacker via PlayStation and DAM. It's a longshot and I'll understand if the answer is no, but practically my only friends play D2 on Stadia and it's killing me to have to say goodbye just in case I can't help them anymore. Please please please is there any way at all we can make Stadia my main account, keeping all just progress and just making PSN secondary, or deleting it altogether? This is an emergency and I'm insanely desperate.

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