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11/1/2020 9:53:12 AM

High Roller triumph

Nightfall: The Ordeal - Lake of Shadows Done 3 times with different equipment Armor always is as follows: Exodus Down Mask, Khepri's Sting, Exodus Down Vest, Exodus Down Strides, Exodus Down Cloak 1st try (Legend) weapons: Alone as a God, Tarrabah, Bane of Sorrows 2nd try (Legend) weapons: Bad Juju, Beloved, Bane of Sorrows 3rd try (Master): Bad Juju, Beloved, Goldtusk Scores in order: 103000, 105000, 140000 Didin't get it any of these times. Am I doing something wrong? Does the fireteam have to be wearing Calus themed gear? Is it just broken? IDK but its getting annoying to keep trying an not getting it.

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