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10/31/2020 11:01:10 PM

The [REDACTED] are Recruiting and Prepping for Day 1 Deep Stone Crypt! (XBOX)(NA&EU)

[b]The [REDACTED][/b] are an endgame-focused Xbox clan looking to add more skilled guardians as we head into Beyond Light. We excel in all areas of Destiny but are looking to form multiple competent raid teams to compete for a day 1 raid emblem. We are a diverse group of guardians located all across North America and Europe and are active every day. Our recruitment requirements are as follows: - [b]Play primarily on Xbox[/b]. We understand that cross-save is a thing and that you may [i]occasionally[/i] play on other platforms, but Xbox must be where you spend the vast majority of your Destiny playtime. - [b]Join our discord[/b]. This is our main form of clan communication. We use it to group up for activities, discuss new strategies, and to share memes and laughs. If you're interested in joining our clan but don't want to commit to leaving the one you're currently in, you can join our discord first to get a feel for what we're all about. - [b]Be 18+[/b]. We are an adult clan and strive to treat everyone with respect and maturity. We don’t censor ourselves or our content, so please be an adult and more importantly act like one. We don't tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, or discrimination of any kind. - [b]Be an asset to the team[/b]. We’re currently seeking players who are [i]highly skilled[/i] in their preferred area of expertise (raids, trials, etc.). You must be willing to interact with other members of our community. Don’t request to join if you don’t speak in party chat, don’t use discord, and struggle with endgame activities. Don’t let our requirements intimidate you, we’re a laid back, welcoming clan that likes to have fun. But we also like to get sh*t done! If interested, contact myself (Spooky1791) or RuffRiider via Xbox message. You can also DM me here on bnet or on discord (@ Spooky#1791).
#Xbox #Clans

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