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(PS4 EU) Lore Abiding Citizens. What are these Pyramid ships? Who cares? We're away raiding!

Do you have two thumbs and a brain? If the answer is yes, then that’s half the battle. As the title might have suggested, we love our endgame, and we are looking for more guardians that love it as much as we do - if that’s you and you can withstand being constantly berated by our dear Motherbrain, read on. Lore Abiding Citizens is a relatively small European PS4 clan of friendly, active, adult players - some of who have been playing together for a few years. Among our ranks are Rivensbanes, Blacksmiths, Unbrokens, Flawless’ and unfortunately a couple of Reckoners (who wants to be associated with the likes of them?). We’re not elitist, you’re not required to be “the best of the best of the best” nor are you expected to play activities you don’t enjoy just to fulfill some arbitrary numbers. That being said we want players that are looking to tackle end game content with the rest of the clan, so we do have a few requirements: First and foremost, don’t be a dick Be on PS4 - obviously, as we’re a PS4 clan, but added this just in case Be in Europe - we want as much overlapping time as possible Be active - I know every post says this but we will check Destiny heatmap Be experienced with all raids - feel free to me, we will you Be chilled out - a sense of humour is a bonus Have all DLC - we love and run all the raids Know where the jump and shoot buttons are on your controller Finally, don’t be a dick What you will get A clan of players that are on at the same time as you available to help with all end game content - what more do you want? What we will get in return Another player on at the same time as us available to help with all end game content - what more do we need? We believe above all else the game should be fun - so if you’re looking for a bunch of experienced, chilled out guardians to Raid with and shoot some aliens in the face - let us know and we can look to get something sorted. If you’ve got this far and are still reading - you now know a little about us, so tell us a little about you. Like and reply to this post and include your timezone, what times you play and your PSN and activity and raid check pending, one of the admins will be in touch to arrange a chat and a raid - we do this to see how you will fit in with some of the other members and give you a chance to ask any questions. Any replies without this information won’t get a response - we’ll make time for you, so please at least make the time to reply with these details.

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