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10/28/2020 12:40:03 AM

Destiny Pentober Day 27

Day 27: Taken Ash Parth arrived at the Dreaming City as he was contacted by the Techeun's about some increased Taken activity. Not the Scorn this time as the last time he was here. They were informing him that the Taken were getting restless. Was it after dealing with Nokris and angering Savathun? That was a shadow of a doubt since the Taken are just being controlled by a new commander. Parth questions Dusk if the informant gave her name but his Ghost didn't get the name when he received the information. He only told Parth to meet up with the informant at the Spine of Keres where the portal that leads into Queen Mara's Ascendant Realm after an Offering of the Oracle. There wasn't much on the Taken as far as Parth can tell when he'd got on his Sparrow and ride all the way to the tower. As soon as Parth arrived, he question Dusk if any Taken were around but there was none. Except only a few readings nearby and Parth wasn't gonna take a chance with whoever or whatever was nearby. It turned out to be someone he knew after seeing an Awoken male coming out with an auto rifle. Parth sighed and called out, "Didn't think it had to be you, Azura Karn." Tuned out their was an Awoken woman dressed in royal Awoken coloring native within the Dreaming City came out of the shadows and looked at Parth with sinful eyes. "You called me out, but at least you are the only person I can rely on, Ash Parth," says the Awoken woman, Azura Karn. As well as the male up front, it was her twin brother, Noir Karn, who never liked Parth and overprotective of his sister. "I'm mainly here for some restless Taken that I was told so much. Was it you who called on me, Azura?" Azura shushed towards Parth and gestures him to follow her with her brother following suit behind Parth. Parth had no choice but to follow Azura while having to remember the last time they both met. Come to think of it, that Awoken woman from the Ramen Eating Contest was Azura who veiled herself to avoid conflict here and there as Awoken royalty like her should not be out of the Dreaming City. Not to mention "private" moments that he had to endure and her brother was angry seeing them in the same room after saving her from the Scorn during the Forsaken days. How Parth like to have his own memories erased. But he digresses. When Azura stopped, everyone else stopped. She pointed outward for Parth to see that there was a massive army of Taken at the outskirts outside of the Spine of Keres and a large Taken Minotaur was standing up front. As if it was commanding the other Taken. Another one of Quira's followers, perhaps? Or another simulation Quira can do? Either way, with that mass of Taken should not be allowed to roam free within the Dreaming City and terrorize the Awoken who are still fighting some of the leftover Scorn. Hell, this was his second home after seeing the beuty. If only Tara were to see this and live here, Parth thought. The thought aside, Parth asked Azura Karn when all this had happened. She answered when the curse Riven made grew strong and the Taken were wising up since the Darkness continues to grow and grow. Didn't take long when there weren't much Guardians nor Royal Guard patrolling and some of them were killed in the process by this army of Taken and by that Taken Minotaur who was leading them. Intel told Azura that it was Saureon, Follower of Quira, who massed this army through the simulations. It was more than enough for Parth to think of this as a threat but Noir stopped him, telling the Guardian that any remaining Royal Guard and a few Guardians who were patrolling the area would arrive shortly to assist them in eradicating the mass of Taken below. As sure enough, the remaining Royal Guard and even the Guardians - two Warlocks and two Titans - arrived. The Guardians looked towards Parth and spoke that they are here to help if he was willing to assist. The answer was simple when Parth held out a Twilight Oath he would be pleased to kill all of these Taken for the pleasure knowing that this would be a problem. Without further adieu, the Guardians and the Royal Guard had set out and fought over the Taken led by Saureon. One Warlock was a Void Walker when launching a Nova Bomb on a hoard and the other Warlock used a Chaos Reach on the other hoard. Parth went ahead to handle some of the stragglers while Noir and one of the Titans went ahead to slice them up one by one. The other Titan was more ahead with a Burning Maul and a couple of the other Royal Guard provided backup until they'd reached Saureon. However, Saureon was a force to be reckon with aside the camouflage as it stomped away the Royal Guard close enough to him and killed one of them. Parth and Noir caught up to assist. Was only the Titan and another Royal Guard who were alive before Saureon started to lunge at them. Noir was more headfirst to grab hold of its arm and keep him pinned. Parth and the Titan who survived were ready to lunge towards the Taken Minotaur... however, Saureon just vanished. As if using the powers when it was originally a Vex to escape. That made the surviving Taken to run off before Parth shot at some of them and banished them to the endless void. Parth could only curse when Saureon got away, but the Titan patted him on the shoulder, telling him that he shouldn't worry as the Titan took the Royal Guard across his arms admitting that he will keep his eyes peeled on the Taken Minotaur while thanking Parth for the assistance. As the other Guardians gave their thanks to Parth and even introduced themselves. Klein Elsra, the Voidwalker Warlock. Talim-5, the Chaos Reach Warlock. The TItan who stayed behind called herself Katarina Martinez even pointed out that the Titan who left with the injured Royal Guard was Darrin Van. All Katarina told Parth that they were grateful for him saving their hinds before they had to inform Azura Karn the situation and Parth should do the same. It was only Parth and Noir. Noir Karn was dragging the dead Royal Guard and started to bury them into the ground and honor their death with a proper burial. Parth tells Dusk to tell Azura that they are leaving in a few minutes and let him know the next time Saureon returns and they'll handle them before escaping again. Parth decided to help Noir after Dusk was gone. It didn't take long since Parth was helping Noir and they both honored their deaths and looked over each other. "My sister appreciates you, Parth," Noir says in his rare times to speak. He was never much of a talker and protecting his people and even his sister was all he ever thinks of. "Still can't believe that Riven would do such a thing and make our people suffer." Parth looks over the graves and even towards Azura who was talking with the other Guardians before looking back on Noir and replies, "If anything, we can always blame Oryx since he was the one responsible. Hell, wanna know the best advice? We can only keep fighting. I'm a Guardian and I accept my fate that there is no end to this little cycle of violence." Noir looks towards the tower where Riven was usually kept and sighed. "Between the Light and Dark, it is a never-ending cycle until one side wins. Or rather, if both sides were to clash and collide to make another Big Bang.

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