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10/27/2020 2:02:36 AM

Destiny Pentober Day 26

Day 26: Evacuation Ash Parth and Dusk were at this little park just relaxing on their off-duty time. Parth was reading the book and hopefully finishing it and Dusk was just looking over the children, thinking back when the children in the church/orphanage would poke and play with him. Mainly it was to amuse Parth when seeing the children play with Dusk and call him Little Light besides the Guardian. Out of nowhere, a girl looking ten approached and cleared her throat to get Parth's attention and he looked up to see her. He asked who the girl was. "I'm sorry if you don't remember me, Guardian," the young girl said. "My name is Lissa. I was one of the people you helped evacuate during the Hive invading our rundown town we made at the Cosmodrome. Sometime a couple of years ago which I understand if you'd forgotten." Parth started to scratch his head. He eyed towards Dusk and asked if he remember such. The only answer Dusk can give was that his memory was fuzzy. Lissa sat down next to Parth and pulled out a teddy bear which had a missing arm. "Again, I understand if you don't remember since you are like other Guardians. Going around to save others. But I do remember much for what you did with the Vanguard around that time. I mean, it was only a few of us still alive and many have died." Suddenly, Parth was now thinking back when he closed his eyes. Back two years ago, Parth was called upon by the Vanguard for an important mission. Located outside of a run down town within the Cosmodrome. But not Commander Zavala. It was Colonel Melchizedek Mjor who was an Awoken Titan who is one of the oldest before the Battle of Twilight Gap and fought alongside many other Titans against the Fallen. It was rather Melchizedek who calls on Ash Parth since he relies on some mercenary Guardians if the Vanguard don't bring in reinforcement to defend the smallest. "About time you showed up, Parth," Melchizedek says to Parth. "Kinda figured you would handle this yourself," Parth joked. "What's the situation?" "Evacuation, Parth. I already have a couple of Guardians in there dealing with Hive emerging and attacking innocent people. Sometimes I question the Vanguard as they are supposed to defend humanity." "I always question myself why I'm doing this, but I do this because why not. How bad is it in there?" "Ya see those fires down there?" Melchizedek says, pointing behind him. "As bad as the Hive would kill to make this their home with or without their gods. I'll need you in there and help as much of them as possible. I'll be behind to deal with some of the Hive pursuing the evacuees. Just do your job, got it, Parth?" With the debriefing finished, Ash Parth left without thinking twice, dealing with any Hive that gets in his way and finding some survivors and directing them to where they need to go to evacuate to the Last City. Even trying to help the injured but they would barely make it with few arms that are going on here. Even some of the humans managed to hold on their own to shoot the coming Thrall chasing after them. Beforehand, Parth was told by a man with a bleeding arm and holding a shotgun that his daughter was still in there. Added that she would be hiding in a closet. Immediately, Parth ran to where he spotted a Thrall scratching on a closet door, thinking that the girl was in there hiding from the Thrall. No mercy was shown when he pulled a knife and stabbed the Thrall in the back. He busted the door open which scared the little girl and told the girl holding the teddy bear not to worry and extend his hand to get her out. When Parth gave one last look around alongside a couple of other Hunters and sure enough was finished with finding any survivors and evacuating them all. With that being said, Melchizedek announced the Gardians he called on a good job and tells the survivors that they will find new home near the Last City for safety. The remaining humans from the town thanked them all and out of nowhere, the girl ran to Parth and hugged him. Even cried that she was scared but safe when he showed up. All Parth did was pat her on the head to not worry about the horror anymore. Back in the present, Parth moved his hand to pat Lissa on the head which he surprised himself to know that Lissa was that little girl he did save a couple of years ago. Even admitting that he didn't know at first because he was always going out to help others and completing bounties for spare Glimmer. Lissa smiled and hugged Parth without a second thought, thanking him again for helping her and the other survivors. It was not the first time that Parth had to help with the evacuation especially with helping those on Titan, Mars, Mercury and Io out of the Pyramids' invasion, there are always plenty of small towns that Melchizedek would call on Ash Parth assist on evacuating other settlements in need of help. Parth could only tell Lissa not to worry about it and was glad that she was holding up as she lived another day thanks to him.

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