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10/24/2020 5:02:08 PM

Baboon - Xfinity/Shaw Users

Hey all, me again, the owner of the Baboon post mega-thread a couple weeks back. I have a question for you all below. QUESTION FOR EVERYONE: what modem/router do you use? Is it Xfinity’s XB6? XB7? Is it another vendors modem and/or router? Again, the common issues: - Xfinity (and Shaw) users - baboon, anteater, and bat, in descending order - many have had ISP investigate with no resolve - all hardwired - started late September - happens multiple times per play session - speed/service tests never bring up any glaring issues - will occur between comp/elim/trials rounds (not matches) - will occur randomly in all other activities It seems Bungie is not helping with our issue, so I want to continue troubleshooting to see if there is something even more common between us. I am using the XB6 (the black Arris modem/router). I have a suspicion that hardware setups may not be playing well with Bungie, even tho they play well with literally anything else.
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